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Stay Connected

When working away from the office stay connected to Temenos through the Secure Access Portal. Providing you with the latest news and employee information through Uni-T, access to employee applications, optimized accelerated access to corporate networks and ensuring that your laptop receives important IT updates. Simply click one of the links below.

Security Controls

When logging on to the secure access portals we have implemented several important security checks. These security checks are done by the Host Checker, this program scans endpoints to ensure security compliance before and during remote sessions. Before allowing a device to connect to the network, the Host Checker will verify:

  • if an antivirus from a predefined list of trusted vendors is present. This list is present on Uni-T.
  • if the antivirus has been updated during the last 10 days.
  • if a full virus scan has been performed on the machine during the last 60 days. Please find a hint how to connect without a full scan here.
  • if the Windows firewall is present and switched on.

For the best performance we recommend choosing your closest city.


OS and Browser

  • Internet Explorer 9 and above is recommended.
  • Firefox, Chrome and other browsers are supported but may suffer impaired functionality.
  • Windows 7 and 8 are fully supported.

Feedback and Support

  • Your "remote access experience" is important to us, especially for those of you who are testing our new infrastructure or using non-PC devices.
    Please take time to share your feedback here.
    Thank you.
  • For issues or questions you may have, please send an e-mail to IT Service Desk.

Direct Access

  • The following applications are accessible without the need to connect to the Secure Portal
    • Email: Outlook or Webmail.
    • Microsoft Lync.
    • E Business Suite: Access directly Oracle E-Business applications, to complete timesheets and expenses, using where X can be from 5 to 9.