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Stay Connected

Temenos offers you the possibility to remain connected and productive even when outside our offices with our Secure Portal. Secure Portal is a remote access solution that allows you to securily access Corporate Appplications and Corporate Ressources that are otherwise not available from outside our Corporate network.

Security Controls

When using Secure Portals there are several important security checks that will allow or BLOCK your connection. These security checks are done by the Host Checker (a smal program, part of Secure portal client) that scans endpoints to ensure security compliance before and during remote sessions. Before allowing a device to connect, the Host Checker will verify if:

  • You have an antivirus running on your device. Please find a list of validated/trusted AV solutions here. (Avira Free Antivirus is working on MacOS).
  • The virus definitions have been updated in the last 5 days.
  • A full virus scan has been performed on the machine in the last 60 days. Please find a hint how to connect without a full scan here.
  • The Windows/MacOs firewall must be turned on.

Make sure your PC/MAC device do comply with the above otherwise your connection will fail.

The first time, you connect, Secure Portal will download a client (called Pulse Secure) that will be installed locally on your PC/MAC. Follow your browsers' instructions. If you alerady have access to Temenos Software Center, you can also get the secure Portal client (Pulse Secure) from there. Note that Internet explorer browser is recommended for a first connection. Make sure the Pulse applet/ActiveX installs correctly.

For better performances, choose the closest Secure Portal to where you are at the time of the connection.

Europe: (located in Geneva datacenter) (located in Lausanne datacenter)
India: (located in Chennai datacenter) (located in Chennai KG datacenter) (located in Bengalore datacenter) (located in Hyderabad datacenter)
USA: (located in Atlanta datacenter)
Canada: (located in Toronto datacenter)

Operating Systems (MAC/Windows) and Browsers

  • Windows 10 with latest updates is fully supported.
    MacOs is partially supported. Please install the adequate Pulse secure client. Rename the downloaded file in ".dmg" before installation.
    > Mac OS 10.14 with Pulse secure 9.0.4 works.
    > Mac OS 10.15 with Pulse secure 9.1.3 works.
  • Internet Explorer 11, Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers are fully supported. Other browsers are supported but may suffer impaired functionality.

Direct Access - No need to connect to the Secure Portal for..

  • The following applications are accessible without the need to connect to the Secure Portal beforehand : Skype for Business (formerly LYNC), Outlook, Webmail, MS TEAMS, Zoom, Yammer, Uni-T
    • Oracle E-Business Suite (Ebiz): You can access directly Ebiz, to do timesheets and expenses, using Choose X according to your location.

Feedback and Support

  • Your feedback is important to us, especially for those of you who are using non-PC devices. Please take time to share your feedback here.Thank you.
  • Should you have any issues to connect to the secure portals, please send e-mail with details (Computer type, OS version, Browser type, screenshots, error messages, etc...) to Temenos IT Service Desk. to open a support case.